Wine mapping : taste your wine with a mindmap !

In one of his blog posts, a French winegrower Hervé Bizeul proposes a unique way to taste your favourite wine : Wine Mapping !

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A French winegrower Hervé Bizeul wrote on his blog Clos des Fées – which is also the name of his vineyard – proposing a new way to taste wine : Wine Mapping !  Instead of jotting down a linear appreciation of your wine, just draw a nice mindmap !

But Bizeul also stresses the point that most mind mapping software lacks the graphic capability to interpret such an endeavour.

So, I tried to capture the memories of one of my very old wine tasting experience into this iMindMap mindmap that you can also dowload for free on Biggerplate !

iMindMap mindmap about wine mapping

My first wine mapping experience

I tried to make the memories and impressions of Lalande de Pomerol 1982 that I drunk in the mid-1990s.

A non-linear description of tasting

I drew this mindmap without any notes, thanks to the olfactory memory, which is a prodigiously long memory. What awakens the memories in Marcel Proust is not the taste of the madeleine, but its flavours which are far more numerous and richer.

After all these years, the impressions of heat, intense nature, both wild and tender, and the aromas of pine barrens are still fresh in my mind and still trigger some daydream.

I also described the place – a Chinese restaurant – and the of wine beautifully matches the dishes mixed with spicy, sweet and sour tastes. The owner of this restaurant was voted as the best sommelier (wine steward) of Belgium.

Finally, I described the final stage without using any images, only adopting the length of a branch and using bold text option to indicate another long finish and the supremacy and influence of each word…

What about you? What do you think? Would you also try the “non-linear tasting”?

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7 Responses to Wine mapping : taste your wine with a mindmap !

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  2. leximckee says:

    I love the calligram, the visual onomatopoeia of “Loooooooong” – it says it all. Sometimes, when an image doesn’t not present itself to my mind, I seek to turn the letters of the word into the image in the way that you have done. [As an iMindMap tip, if you right click on words with red dots under them, and choose ‘Add’ or ‘Ignore All’ – iMindMap will remove the red dot warning it uses when it doesn’t recognise a word. This will make your beautiful map even more beautiful!]

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