The Course Networking,

Allie Willington, from the Course Networking, interviewed me about e-learning and social learning today.

Here is an excerpt of this interview on their blog.


I wasn’t actively searching for another solution yet, but one evening, a new follower on my Twitter account attracted my attention. The handle was @coursenetwork and it claimed to be “changing the way the world learns”. That was a kind of a bold statement!

Social learning is the missing link in most learning management system : the Course Networking has it all !
Social Learning with social media ?

I stumbled on the Course Networking by chance. I was very unsatisfied with the e-learning solution I was using just a couple of months ago. The LMS itself was fine, but, as a few glitches occurred, I had the unfortunate opportunity to test the reactivity of the customer service – it was a full-blown disaster.


However, since I am naturally curious, I clicked on the provided link. And I found something new, something I have long sought after. Not a simple LMS, but a full and complete solution. A “real virtual learning environment”, as weird as that oxymoron may sound.

Read the full article.

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