Studying, working, investing and making business in New Zealand

You’re tired of the European gloom? To hear talk of crisis, a bleak outlook, economic difficulties?
You want expatriation professional opportunities in the long term prospects for rewarding career?

Then New Zealand is for you!


New Zealand economy is booming!

New Zealand is not just wilderness and mind blowing landscapes. Or strategic locations for cult movies like the Lord of the Rings saga or the Hobbit . Nor only the land of the Maoris and their ancient traditions.

office building in Auckland, New Zealand, a country wide open to entrepreneurs
New Zealand booming economy

It is also a country which is turning towards the future.

Although agriculture and livestock still represent a significant part of its resources, New Zealand invests heavily in new technologies: Internet, no doubt about that! But, needless to say, also in biotechnology, energy, telecommunications, medicine of the future, and many other fields.

New Zealand also invests in education.  This small country of just over 4.5 million people has understood the importance of the knowledge economy. Each year it welcomes thousands of students from all parts of the world into high quality academic institutions. Finally, New Zealand offers a very adaptable environment for business creation: climate towards entrepreneurs is very positive and ridiculous tax burden compared to those of continental Europe.

Our service offers ” Immigration to New Zealand “

We have officially collaborated with Simply Easy Immigration Consultants LTD, THE New Zealand Immigration specialist. Therefore, we are now the exclusive representatives of the consulting firm for immigration to New Zealand across Europe.

Through this partnership, we are able to offer you a wide range of services .

Whether it’s for:

  • studying English,
  • learning new technologies in an English environment,
  • to work for a year or two in a  Commonwealth based companies
  • you settle permanently in a vastly booming economy country
  • to build your business in a dynamic environment

We offer:

  • professional and personal support
  • legal assistance for obtaining visa
  • advice and information for your trip
  • housing assistance and on-site installation
  • a network of expatriates

    Ms. Zamelia Saleh, center, with two university officials at an Education Fair to promote study in New Zealand
    Ms Saleh promotes study in New Zealand with university representatives

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Have a project?  After the seminar, you will have the opportunity to meet Ms. Saleh personally to outline your wishes and open an immigration file with your new host! Still have questions?  Contact us and we will be happy to answer!

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Study in New Zealand

What can I study in New Zealand? Everything! Or almost … 

Japanese students studying Hospitality and management in New Zealand university
Seika Shiraki, student management hotelier

Whether for a language course of a few weeks, a professional or academic cycle, or an assistant in one of the manyacademic institutions, New Zealand offers a unique range of qualifications. ‘s economic dynamism the region and the special bonds of New Zealand academic institutions with the countries of Common Wealth and Asia also offer a real chance to find a job upon graduation.
Students from around the world come to train in schools and New Zealand universities, attracted by both the quality of teaching and the sweetness of life in a country that combines tradition and modernity. It is also an opportunity to build up a unique international network!


 Working in New Zealand

Are you looking for a job? Or do you want to give a new direction to your career? New Zealand offers many opportunities according to different types of needs in various sectors:
Our immigration lawyers'offices in Auckland, New Zealand
Our partners offices in Auckland
  • residence for temporary workers
  • residence for family
  • residence for highly qualified (skilled workers) worker

New Zealand employers are looking for sharp profiles ranging from young to old with university degrees and strong working experiences to venture into new opportunities and challenges.





 Business in New Zealand

US Embassador is amongst the entrpreneurs in New Zealand
Open to entrepreneurs country!

New Zealand is experiencing a strong economic expansion. The 2008 financial crisis which has affected both Europe has had virtually no impact on New Zealand’s growth whatsoever.
New Zealand authorities support entrepreneurs effectively and consistently. Forbes magazine puts New Zealand as the second largest global best countries to set up a business and investment ! Whether you want to set up a business as a consultant, building contractor, investing in Internet and biotechnology applications, New Zealand offers a framework complementary to business , far from the European depression!


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Seminar on Immigration to New Zealand in Manila organised by Zamelia Saleh
Our partner is giving a seminar on Immigration to New Zealand

Our partner – Simply Easy Immigration Consultants LTD  is giving a seminar on Immigration to New Zealand

  • studies and internships in New Zealand
  • temporary work in one or more New Zealand companies
  • contract of employment for skilled worker
  • permanent residence for you and your family
  • possible aid
  • the legal formalities
  • our services
  • etc..



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