Study in New Zealand: a visa for employment

New Zealand is not only the enchanting setting where Peter Jackson chose to shoot the Lord of the Rings saga, but it is also a country that invests extensively in education. And it’s widely open to students from all backgrounds.

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Have you ever dreamt about the sublime landscapes of Lord of the Rings? Or intrigued by the Maori culture’s artifacts?

 With New Zealand, it is not just a string of sublime landscapes for vacation slideshows or traditions preserved for cultured tourists. New Zealand is also a country with a thriving economy that positions itself as a leading player especially in research and education.

Dynamic schools and universities

New Zealand schools and universities offer an amazing quality of staff and infrastructure, due to the huge investment in education by the national authorities
A high quality of infrastructure

New Zealand invests heavily in education and has reformed its education system to meet the highest standards. According to the PISA report, out of 25 or so top-performing countried compared, there are only 5 countries who have performed above the OECD average in all tests since PISA began in year 2000. New Zealand is listed as 1 of the 5 countries besides Finland, Korea, Canada and Australia. What is PISA?

Kiwi universities are best known for their excellence in research, particularly in the applied sciences and new technologies.

The quality of education is such that the research institute Legatum London did not hesitate to rate New Zealand at the forefront of the world ranking education system! For this reason, it’s no wonder that their educators are able to enquire employment in a snap not only at home but also abroad.

Varied and diverse education opportunities

In New Zealand, the educational system is well-diversified and not only focusing on producing educators/teachers, but also emphasising on producing professionals in all sectors, including the most dynamic sectors of Kiwi’s economy. Education sector offers many opportunities including schools, colleges and universities; but also  intership in companies,  that are directly related and blended into the Commonwealth and Asian markets.

 There are schools with multi-lingual students which offer a unique and intensive curriculum to master English. There  are “Hotel & Hospitality Management” programs that produce excellent graduates in the tourism industry. There are universities specializing in cutting-edge research offering masters, postgraduate courses and postgraduate studies.

Two young Japanese student in an University of New Zealand studying for a Hotel and Hospitality program much appreciated in the tourism industry
Students in Hotel & Hospitality Management

 Student visas that lead to employment

For a stay in New Zealand for more than three months, you will have to apply for a visa.

New Zealand offers extremely interesting visas for students. You can combine your stay with working part-time (which is allowed): it is a good way to co-finance your studies, develop your command of the language and integrate with the locals and lifestyle.

But there is even better option! If you have completed a course of study in New Zealand, the country offers two types of visas for employment:

  • a 12-month visa – Open Graduate Job Search – which enable you to stay to find a job that matches your new qualification;
  • a 24-month visa with employment.

New Zealand employers are looking for qualified profiles. Being able to produce a degree acquired in the country itself significantly enhances your chances of getting employed at the end of your studies …

And with an employment visa after your studies in your hands, you are able to obtain a permanent resident visa if you wish to settle permanently or long term in New Zealand.

 A warm welcome and quality infrastructure

There are specialized professionals that will guide you from your first idea to migrate to arrival and beyond.

We have partnered with Simply Easy Immigration Consultants LTD in New Zealand and we can offer these services first-hand to students who choose to participate even before  they decided to depart for studying and make a tailored service according to your personal needs.

We help you:

  • find the course study you are interested in
  • register for the institution that suits you best
  • get your visa
  • find the best flight
  • secure your accommodation
  • to integrate with the locals

 Join our seminars to know more about educational opportunities and employment

If you’re feeling adventurous, join us at the seminars we organize in May.

We will explain – in French and English – what opportunities you can expect with regards to study, work, business creation and investment in New Zealand.

Miss Zamélia Saleh, founder of Simply Easy Immigration Consultants LTD will travel all the way from Auckland directly to you to explain in details the correct steps, markets, etc..

Universities in New Zealand are widely open to student from everywhere in the world
Miss. Saleh and two university representatives

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